Surgical Pathology

Surgical Pathology Service Highlights:

• Comprehensive Test Menu
  o Histology and cytology services, including specialization in
     • Fine-Needle aspirations
     • Breast Pathology
       Sample Report
  o Immunohistochemical and special stains are available to diagnose a wide range of neoplastic and infectious GI      diseases.
  o Advanced Molecular Diagnostics
     • FISH
     • Tumor markers
• Expertise and over 40 years of experience in general surgical pathology including office and hospital based settings,    specializing in surgical centers and ambulatory procedures
• Routine cytologic evaluation available for cyst aspirations and all types of fine needle aspirations.
• Frozen section evaluations available in some locations for surgical margins performed in ambulatory settings with
   rapid turn-around.
• Availability of immunohistochemical stains in the evaluation of complex cases