Gastrointestinal Pathology Service Highlights:

• Comprehensive Test Menu
   o Histology and cytology services
   o Immunohistochemical and special stains are available to diagnose a wide range of neoplastic and infectious GI       diseases.
   o Advanced Molecular Diagnostics
• Tumor markers
   o Colorectal Carcinoma
• Microsatellite Instability Testing

• All biopsies are extensively studied with serial sections on multiple separate levels, resulting in 8-to-12 sections   examined per biopsy and a high diagnostic yield.

• All gastric biopsies (antrum, body, pylorus, and fundus) are stained for Helicobacter pylori by the highly-sensitive and   specific immunohistochemical technique.

• In-house consultation by multiple board-certified pathologists with over 60 years of expertise in gastrointestinal   pathology.

• Pathologists call referring physician on all malignant cases

• Diagnostic reports incorporating digital photography and color-coded diagnoses.
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• Direct HL7 interface availability with major clinical gastroenterology software packages